A new season – a new outlook

It's 2021-20022 and we are still living in a covid world. There is no normal; all is in a constant state of flux. On the ski hill our teaching regimen is compromised by the deliberative steps that we must undertake in order to return to a level of normalcy. We remain...

Soften the outside leg and topple, in transition

https://youtu.be/QPycnnJqavg I want to share some personal queues and internal feelings during different parts of the turn to achieve high performance carving. There are many different ways to do it but these are some of my objectives and thoughts on the topic.paul...

How to ski parallel and some common mistakes and takeaways very quickly

https://youtu.be/MlUDxSu2xM4 There are several key movements that are required to ski with parallel skis. In this tutorial we explore one of these movements in detail share exactly how to perform the movement, why it's needed and a short progression that you can...
Terry Gavan has been teaching skiing for 19 years. He has taught at Panorama Mountain Village, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike and now he plies his trade at Ski Dagmar. He’s certified by CSIA, CASI, CSCF and has a Park and Pipe Certificate. Bust a move!
Reserve A Lesson
Terry is an instructor at Dagmar Ski Resort and has been involved in all facets of the alpine industry since 1999. Call Dagmar to reserve a lesson with Terry at (905) 649-2002. Ask for the ski school.


Discover Skiing with Terry. Coming back to the sport? Or prepping for a ski trip? Beginner or intermediate, we’ve got some tips that will improve your game!


Building from the base up. We’ll improve your short game, increase your confidence and demonstrate some nuances that will redefine your edge control!


If you’re contemplating a ski trip? Terry has worked in the Rockies, skied Banff/BC as well as Eastern Quebec. He has some tips and tricks to offer!
Terry’s Vision
Is there a philosophy of skiing? It would seem kind of counterintuitive right? We strap on skis, we ride the lift and we go down the hill. Simple, right?
It may surprise you that most ski instructors go about their day with a preordained purpose. I started skiing in Eastern Quebec waaay back in the 1960s. Living in Ottawa we spent our winters on snow. I found it exhilerating and challenging. No philosophy when you’re 9 or 10 years old. Then in 1999 I made a decision to move to Invermere and reinvent myself. From writer/editor to ski instructor. You either need to be crazy or have a pretty precise plan. I was crazy and I had no plan. But I developed one pretty quickly.


Let’s have fun and bust some moves!


Check us out here at Dagmar. Pricing page.
What Terry Offers
Safe, fun and well-constructed lesson plans. I also seek your input and streamline your lesson according to your abilities.
Ski Tips & Tricks
At Dagmar we take a foundational approach to ski technique, building from the bottom up . . . because strong skiing starts at the toes and stops at your head! Stop thinking! Have Fun!

Learn To Ski

If you’ve never skied before or you’re coming back to the sport after 30 years on the shelf? Come to Dagmar! All of our instructors are CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance) members and many of us attend yearly upgrades under the guidance and care of Level IV CSIA Course Conductors.


Ski Improvement sounds like an esoteric concept and most people really don’t give it much thought, until they end up out west in the Rockies on a piste with no access to the “Easy Way Down” cat track.

Now what? Take a lesson and we’ll give you some tricks, tips and coping strategies. Preparation is all.

Improved Edging

Edging your skis is an advanced technique that the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) demands of all its advanced instructors.

When we think edging we think speed. That sure helps. Terry can have intermediate skiers on edge (pun intended) in five easy lessons!

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