I’m Terry Gavan

Ski Instructor / Web Designer / Photog / Writer

Eclectic and Happy

If it’s all going downhill? You’re succeeding!

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to your World.

Do you ski? Have you ever wanted to? For the past 20 years Terry Gavan has been involved in the alpine ski industry as a ski pro, a ski school assistant, a coach and a mentor. He finds fulfilment and pleasure on the slopes. Before that Terry worked as a Canadian journalist for a number of news organizations across the country.

Success starts in your noggin!


When you need help? Why not ask. It's always an option.


Pressure, placed in proper proportion = Good skiing


We unlock our potential when we abandon all thought.


Goal Setting

Wherever you are, always strive to move forward.

Mentorship Is Caring

Teaching is not easy, it’s a nurtured art. It requires patience and care.

Stress Management

Learning is stressful. A good teacher removes the worry.

Believe in You

Letting it all go downhill is not a pejorative in skiing.

About Terry Gavan

A ski instructor with 20 years experience and a web designer who has been involved in web design since 2002.

For 25 years I was a Canadian journalist and photographer working in Manitoba and Ontario.

I got my degree at the University of Manitoba after stints at St. Pat’s College and Carleton University in Ottawa. I majored in Political Studies. I have worked for a number of Canadian publications and media outlets. And, I was Sports Information Director at my alma mater (U of Manitoba).

I’ve been a reporter, editor, sports editor and managing editor.

Today I reside in Kawartha Lakes with my wife Jackie and two Border Collies, Wynter and Raine.


Let’s go skiing. And while we’re at it? Why not up your game? Take a lesson. I’ve been taking lessons for 20 years in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

As CSIA certified instructors we endeavour to offer the very latest ski techniques and we do that through professional development training. We love learning new stuff. And there’s always new stuff!


“Panorama Performer  Award from Panorama Village in 2001.” For mountain support during a helicopter evac of a guest who was injured on the mountain.

“Instructor of the Year Award at Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike in 2006.”

Instructor of the Year at Dagmar Ski School in 2014.

“Above and Beyond Award, AT&T, Winnipeg.” For support and supervisory work on the Internet Save Team.

Videos and Lessons

Check out our Videos

The best coach is mileage. That’s shorthand for “ski and ski and ski . . . and you will improve.” However the caveat remains. If the technique is shaky, your skiing is shaky.

The Essentials of Goal Setting

If you’re serious about advancing to the next level find a mentor and set some goals. Find a teacher that you can relate to. If you need help with that contact me.

The Eight Week Starter

At Dagmar we offer many eight week programs. Most are for kids. But older kids can also sign on for intense 8-week programs. Check the Ski Dagmar website.

Setting Realistic Goals

I love Dagmar. The atmosphere of our snow school is set in collegiality, fun and experience. Teaching is passion and every day I go to work at Dagmar I get to indulge my passions. A ski school is a top down union of like-minded professionals. We are lucky to have CSIA Level IV instructor Meredith Youmans as our personal mentor. Dagmar Snow School is successful today for one reason. We have a leader in Meredith. Her enthusiasm infuses the instructors with a prodigious energy to be better.

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