There are several key movements that are required to ski with parallel skis. In this tutorial we explore one of these movements in detail share exactly how to perform the movement, why it’s needed and a short progression that you can practice to improve your skiing.

paul lorenz

One off the most common questions I’m asked as a ski instructor is: “Hey, buddy! I’m sick of this pizza! How do I turn with both skis at once?”

The answer is practice of course. And hey buddy! Take a lesson Mate! Or Miss! Pizza to parallel is a concept that we probably won’t get to in the first lesson, unless you’re accessing a full day experience with an instructor.

But with a firm grasp of stance and movement that we learn in a pizza or snowplow, we can get the feeling that will ultimately translate into two skis moving in unison to complete a turn. The good news is, it is not impossible and with some mileage you may find it’s a lot easier than you thought.

Watch the video, take a lesson and go ouut and bust a move!

Cheers, Terry!