Terry GavanWeb Designer, Editor, Writer and ... Ski Instructor
Dagmar’s 2015 Instructor of the Year & Sam’s Ski and Bike Instructor of the Year 2006.
Terrance Gavan is a ski and snowboard instructor, coach, web designer and raconteur.
He is happiest when happy, and if you think about it… you’ll realize that tidbit is not redundant… because we’re all happier when we’re happy.
Smile and juke and jive. Terrance Gavan is a career journalist who has written for a number of newspapers since he began writing oh… about 30 years back. He has won some awards for writing and photography but modesty and old age prevents him from listing them. He is working on a book about growing up. It’s due out? When he finally does… grow up, that is. We are thinking 2021. Hoping for 2025. Let’s not rush this thing. Growing up, that is.
Mostly? Terry is a ski bum with a wry wit and a penchant for passing things forward. That’s all teaching is really. It’s about passing it on. And having fun.