Ah, the crux of this.

“Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

How do I get my students to lose that woebegone pizza and start turning parallel? We all have our own ideas? The we in that last sentence is the we of latent pendency. Ski instructors, the OCD and manic purveyors of all things technique.

My friend Darren T. is going to show you his favorite tip on solving this perplexing dilemma. If you’re an instructor add some of your own boogaloo to this ditty. I know this technique works because I’ve used it. But we have to be committed to our lesson, so if you’re not a believer go ahead and bust your best moves. If you’re watching this as a student?

Go for it. It can’t hurt.


Did it work?


See you on the Bunny Hill.