I can ‘haz cheezeburgers and bumps!

If you love the groomies and you have no interest ever of skiing bumps or moguls then this one is not for you.

I would suggest watching Darren’s wonderful breakdown of what’s involved with the whole bump thing in the following video, but if you do not want to ski the creatures from hell?

Don’t do it.

But if you do get inspired by this instructional foray? Start small and start slow. Break them down. Have a plan and … bust a move. need a lesson? Call Dagmar and ask for Terry. We do not have a bump run, but we have things that can pass for bumps and yep, we can introduce you to the feelings!


My boy Darren made that look simple didn’t he?

It’s not hard but it ain’t easy.

It’s skiing!

Clear head, strong heart?

Can’t lose!