Okay, so we all got pressure. And pressure is no fun. Not fun at work and not fun at home and especially not fun when we’re out for a slide at our fave ski resort.

I don’t know about you, but I hate pressure, and I have discovered that the less pressure I have, the better I feel.

In this video Josh Foster is only talking about the pressure that builds as we move to the completion of our turns. Dependent upon where you happen to be, on a green slope or a double black for instance, that pressure can be teeny-tiny or very large indeed.

Learning what to do with that pressure is paramount to successful skiing.

Today, via Doc Foster’s nice video and great demos, we are going to learn what to do with pressure.

Dump it. How do we dump it?

Poetry, that’s how.


Let it go

let it flow

feel the pressure 

build and grow

then abandon fear

retract your gear

shift that edge . . . and

success . . . you’re here!

Yes that’s right, I write poetry.

And on an especially sunny day, you may also hear me reciting it at the top of my lungs as I glide down the hill dealing with the pressure . . . one turn at a time.

Feel blessed with every turn. And?

If you got way too much pressure in your life?

Consider skiing. It’s a lifetime sport and with the right instructor?

The pressure will leave you at every turn!

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