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An anachronism is something or someone that is out of touch with time and place. Eclecticism is a quality driven by an overarching desire to explore many things at once. I may be an anachronistic eclectic and that’s a lot better than some things I have been called during my unsteady wobble through life’s travail.

I am a writer, but that does not define me. I am a poet, but that does not constrict me. I am a designer, but that does not mire me. I am a human, and that does require me to act with piety, understanding and kindness.

And, that’s not easy. But it is rewarding.

Terrance Gavan works out of Dagmar Ski Resort in Ontario, Canada.

Photo, Video, Editing

  • An Award-Winning Canadian Journalist and Photographer.

  • A versatile designer who shoots and edits video and web images.

  • A WordPress Guru with over 10 years experience with the web’s most popular site conjuring technology

Ski Instruction

  • Beginner Lessons from Rental Shop to First Turns!

  • Ski Assessment from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate.

  • Video Assessment and personal off-piste learning.

Achieve Your Skiing Goals

We have a number of flexible lesson options available and they encompass all levels of skiers.