The essence of speed control lies not in the shudder but the roll.

Your comfort level is important, in life and on snow.

On snow, comfort level is all about managing your expectations and hence, your speed.

My life as an instructor ebbs and flows around helping my clients to reach their own comfort level.

To manage that? Well, I have to employ some psychology, along with a quick assessment of my pupil’s basic skills.

I’ve got about three minutes to assess where my friend is going to feel comfortable. The essence of a good experience might just rest with that first run. Not always, but that first run, for most clients, is going to set up how they’re going to feel for the rest of that hour. So I better be good. And I better make good decisions.

Hence comfort level. In the intermediate ski video accompanying this post, CSIA Level IV instructor Josh Foster is talking about comfort and I like it because he’s giving me, the instructor, a tool that I can use to improve a lesson.

We’re always learning. Instructor and student.

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